Monday, February 13, 2006

It's been a while...

Listening to: 'I Get Along Without You Very Well' by Diana Krall [The Look of Love]

Almost a week since my last post. That would/should imply that I've been busy. I'm not entirely sure that I have. Also, I have no recollection of what I did on Wednesday - if you have any idea, let me know!

As for Thursday, Jr. and Law cooked for us. Man I love rice. Miss having rice everyday. I wish I had the time to cook for myself - not just rice and chicken with some random crap from Sharwoods - no, I mean the real deal. Oh fish curry, the longing for fish curry. English food sucks ass. I've been surfing for recipes for Watalappan. Most of them require jaggery, but I found some using brown sugar. Maybe I'll clear up my timetable enough one day to actually make some. Just need to figure out how to steam stuff without a steamer.

Now Friday was an eventful day. Had an argument with Shorty, but that was soon resolved. Sri Lanka managed to thrash the Aussies in the first final of the VB series, so I, naturally, donned my Sri Lanka cricket T-shirt to lectures. The afternoon was *interesting*, with the Weakest Link being exposed and relegated, so it seems. It would have been acceptable had the decision been made and no guilt conveyed (I know I'm not the smartest kid on the block), however the post-announcement disclaimer gave me the impression that maybe academic merit wasn't the only factor being decided upon. My thoughts for the day: Loyalty is for losers, and Racism is rife.

The ball on Friday managed to dispel some of my bad mood. The sari draped almost perfectly, and I felt pretty Superman said I looked "very beautiful", so my night was made Didn't get any food though, which was a bit crap. And my metallic spine prevented me from doing much other than stuffing my face near the chocolate fountain for 5 mins. Oh well, just as well it was free!

Saturday, on the other hand, was amazing! Apart from the fire alarm that went off 45 mins after I went to bed on Friday night, of course. Was at the Guildhall sans breakfast by 10.30am, with the intention of being back in college by 1pm. Instead, I rushed back with my lovely aunt (who happens to be two years my junior) in tow at 4.45pm, and arrived at the venue two hours later, in surprisingly well draped sari and half-done make up and hair.

The incompetent DJs had only arrived fifteen minutes earlier (as opposed to the previously agreed 6pm) and so soundcheck and mic balance was not an option. So much for practising before the performance. As predicted, it didn't go as well as I had hoped. Two notes were absolutely horrific, but the rest was passable. And passable is not good, by my standards. However, those who had never heard me sing before thought I was brilliant, and those who had, thought I was good. Those who had sung before, told me the mics were bad anyway, so any misadventures with the notes were put down to technical failure rather than a crap voice. All's well that ends well, I guess. The rest of the night went completely according to plan, with the event being a HUGE success.

All was good until 3am, when we sat down to watch the 2nd final v Australia live. 10/3 in the 3rd over - could it get any better? Obviously not, as the Kangaroos went on to make their highest total ever, giving Murali the worst bowling figures in the history of the game. Oh well, shit happens. 4 hours left for the decider, nerves are taut.

The rest of yesterday was a haze of hallfood and photos from the previous evening. I went to bed, not quite recovered from my weekend of reveling, knowing that due to unavoidable circumstances, today would not be very productive.

How right was I?! Woke up at 8.45am, 1pm and finally 3.30pm. Since then I have had a shower, washed dishes and eaten bacon with pancakes and golden syrup (yes I know that's meant to be breakfast food, but still...). And of course I've updated this.

With nothing left to do today, and a stomach cramp the size of China (well not really), I think I shall head back to bed. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, and the CUBS girls are going out to dinner, to celebrate being unattached (or to lament being lonely...either way, there'll be food!!!).

Off to fetch a hot water bottle. I need a hug.


  1. *hug*
    and i hear youn on the rice. ah, fish curry! I just finished another meal of chicken and rice. agan.
    I hear you.

  2. interestin how ppl livin in UK miss fish curry so much... iiiiinterestin


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